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  1. 2-Handle Ceramic Cartridges
  2. Single Lever Cartridges
  3. Integral Stops
  4. Compression Stems

  6. Seats
  7. Bath & Shower Diverters
  8. Balancing Spools and Related Items
  9. Kitchen Pull-Out Spouts

  11. Pull-Out Hoses for Kitchen & Bath
  12. Single Lever Handles
  13. Faucet Accessories
  14. Water Filters & Replacement Cartridges

  16. Professional Grade Faucets
  17. Toilet Flush Valves
  18. Toilet Fill Valves
  19. Toilet Flappers & Balls

  21. Pressure Tanks
  22. Tub Spouts
  23. Strainers & Grids
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Alfano Queens Plumbing Parts  We specialize in OEM
1. 2-Handle Ceramic Cartridges   2. Single Lever Cartridges   3. Integral Stops   4. Compression Stems
5. Faucet Seats   6. Bath and Shower Diverters   7. Balancing Spools and Related Items   8. Kitchen Pull-Out Sprayheads and Spouts
9. Supply Hoses for Kitchen and Bath   10. Single Lever Handles   11. Faucet Accessories   12. Water Filters
13. Professional Grade Faucets   14. Toilet Flush Valves   15. Toilet Fill Valves and Ballcocks   16. Toilet Flappers and Balls
17. Pressure Tanks   18. Tub Spouts.   19. Strainers and Grids  
Close-Outs  Repair Kits: seats, gaskets, stems, packings, washers...

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Alfano Queens Plumbing Replacement Parts
We carry hard-to-find plumbing repair parts and obsolete parts for faucets, showers, toilets, flushometers, water filters, ceramic and thermostatic cartridges, flush valves (a.k.a. douglas valves) and fill valves/water controls (a.k.a. ballcocks). We will duplicate obsolete parts.

We carry ALL Plumbing Parts - OEM, generic and obsolete! We are Faucet and Toilet Parts Specialists! We carry OLD, OBSOLETE, VINTAGE, ANTIQUE, RECONDITIONED AND AFTER-MARKET PARTS. CALL US! AND TELL US WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR!

104-78 Roosevelt Avenue
New York
TOLL FREE: 877.900.6510 Tel: 718.899.6500 Fax: 718.458.6716

MONDAY - THURSDAY: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
FRIDAY: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Our inventory includes:
Faucet Parts (stems, ceramic cartridges, single lever and 2 handle cartridges, washers, screws, gaskets, handles, escutcheons, spouts) Flushometers Toilet Tank Parts Pressurized Tank Parts Sloan Flushmates
Optima Flushometer Parts Sensor Faucet Parts Water Filters Drinking Filter Cartridges
Tub Spouts Pull-Out/Pull Down Spouts Kitchen Spouts

We have an extensive stem catalog, cartridge catalog, single lever cartridge catalog and pressure balancing spool catalog. Check them out!

We carry: Acme Brass, Acorn, Altmans, American Brass, American Standard, Apex, Aquabrass, Aquasource, Arrowhead Brass, Arti Deco, Artistic Brass, Arwa, Auburn Brass, B&K, Balocchi, Barclay, Bardes, Barnes, Belvedere, Block Brass, Borg & Warner, Bradley, Brasscraft, Briggs, Bristol, Brizo, Broadway, Burlington, California, Cambridge, Case, Central Brass, Cesco Brass, CFG, Chase, Chatsworth, Chicago, Chicago Specialty, Cifial, Coast, Comco, Concinnity, Crane-Repcal, Cristina Rubinetterie, Crosley, Cucina, Danze, Delany, Delta, Delex, Dick Brothers, Dishmaster, Dobo, Dolphin, Dominion, Donner, Dorf, Dornbracht, Duravit, East River, Eljer, Elkay, Encore, Eurotrading, EZ-Flo, Federal Huber, Fisher, Fisher Old, Fluidmaster, Flushmate, Franke, Franklin, Frost, Gerber, Glacier Bay, Glauber Globe, Goetz, Grand Haven, Grohe, Hajoca, Halsey-Taylor, Hamat, Hammond, Hansa, Hansgrohe, Harcraft, Harden Brass, Harrington Brass, Hastings, Haws, Hay-Eire, Helvix, Hico, Hoover, Hudson, Hudson Reed, Hydroplast, Indiana Brass, Jaclo, Jacuzzi/Seacrest, Jado, Jameco, Jr. Smith, Kalista, KCG, Kingston Brass, Kohler, Kronin, Krowne, KWC, Laloo, Lenhart, Logan, Mansfield, Matco Norca, McDonald, Mellard, Michigan Brass, Midcor, Milwaukee, Mixet, Moen, Morgan, Mott J.L., Mountain, Mueller, Newport, Nibco, Nicolazzi, Omni, Opella, Pacific/Morgan ,Pacifica, Paini, Pasco, Paul, Peck, Peerless, Perlick, Phoenix, Phylrich, Pibbs, Powers, Premier, Price Pfister, Prier, Pubco, Queen City, Rapetti, Reid Watson, Republic, Richmond Rheem, Roberts Brass, Rohl, Ross & Gade, Royal Brass, S.A.O., Salter, Santec, Savil, Savoy, Sayco, Schaible, Scoville, Sears, Sepco, Sherle Wagner, Sigma, Sign of the Crab, Simbolo, Sisco, Sloan, Speakman, Sphinx, Spring House, Sterling, Streamway, Suncraft, Supergrif, Symmons, T&S, Tanner, Toto, Tracy, Trenton, Union Brass, Universal Rundle, Valley, Valquest, Vernet, Victor, Vola, Watermark, Waterworks, Watersaver, Webstone, Wellington, Wilde Tools, Wolfe, Wolverine, Woodford, Youngstown, Yugoslav, Zinplas, Zurn.

And our inventory is constantly being updated.

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